Väike-Maarja museum

Open Monday-Friday 10-17

Pikk 3
Väike-Maarja borough


Bullet On the ground floor of the Väike-Maarja Museum there is an exhibition room open to visitors, a Georg Lurich theme room, a society room, a language room and a classroom.

On the second floor, visitors are greeted by the farmhouse and the exhibition of the Väike-Maarja collective farm.

We help to expand school lessons

Edgar Tammus, the museum’s director and research teacher, helps to discover the homeland and broadens the horizons of those who have come from further afield. As a local museum, the Väike-Maarja Museum is a carrier of community identity, a custodian of local culture, a researcher and an introducer.

* Ethnographic Collection
* Textile collection
* History collection

Apparatus, emblems and pennants, school supplies, handicrafts, furniture, house signs, tableware, tools, etc.

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