Photo collection

Forms half of the collections of the Väike-Maarja Museum with more than 20,000 photographs. Persons related to Väike-Maarja, villages, buildings, cultural and sports events, Väike-Maarja collective farms, farms, etc.

The photo collection of the Väike-Maarja Museum includes the negative collection of Eduard Leppik, which consists of 5,599 negatives.

The most valuable complete sub-collection of the Väike-Maarja Museum’s photo collection is the negative collection of Eduard Leppik from 1950-1976. The Väike-Maarja Museum Friends Association has improved the entire storage conditions in 2012-2013 with the support of a local initiative program.

Document archive

Documents about schools, kindergartens, farms, farms, culture, sports, health care, industry, persons related to Little Mary, congregations, etc.
* Manuscript collection: memoirs and manuscripts about villages, small towns, societies, schools, collective farms, repressions, battles and war events, etc., as well as manuscripts from many publications of Eduard Leppik.
* Collection of articles related to Väike-Maarja

Collection of objects

* Ethnographic collection
* Textile collection
* History collection

Apparatus, emblems and pennants, school supplies, handicrafts, furniture, house signs, tableware, tools, etc.

Art collection

Paintings, sculptures, leatherwork, etc. by artists related to this area (P.Elken, A. Kotli, F. Randeljt).